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Loudon Congregational is a Christ-centered, evangelical fellowship in central New Hampshire. We are committed to Biblical teaching, Spirit-led worship, and introducing the world to the Savior, Jesus.


Loudon Congregational Church invites all who are thirsty for a real relationship with God. If you are seeking to understand what the scriptures say about who we are and who God is, if you are hungry for more than this life has offered you, come and talk to any one of us. Visit us for Sunday worship. Here you will find a caring family of real people for whom Jesus Christ has become their King. Although we have very different backgrounds and life experiences, each one of us can tell you about how the power of the Holy Spirit has transformed us and given us a deep and joyful relationship with God.

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Loudon Congregational Church's vision is to love God, love others, and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this by proclaiming His Gospel to the people of Loudon and the adjacent communities so that they can understand the way of salvation and the joy of a life lived walking with Jesus.

We desire to be a church integrally connected with, and vital to, the community, bringing God's healing power and wholeness to those confronting spritual emptiness and physical or emotional pain in their lives. We seek to be joyful and thankful servants of Jesus, mindfully practicing the attitude and character of Jesus in every area of our lives individually and as a church. We devote ourselves to an active commitment of loving God and others.

In addition, we seek to further expand His kingdom through multiplication of disciples and planting new churches. Through fervent prayer and action, we expect to see God transform our community person by person, until Loudon and the adjacent communities have been transformed into a people who exalt God above all else.

Loudon Congregational Church is a member church of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (www.ccccusa.com).


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